This Handbag Style Is The Answer To A Stylish Night Out

by Sarah Morrison

In our ever-growing material world, us fashion aficionados often find ourselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of handbag choices to draw from at any moment. Faced similarly with the task of sorting the sheep from the goats, we’re left equally overwhelmed. For as we know all too well, in the world of handbags, the stream of trends is constant, near limitless at times, and can truly test the strength of one’s patience and willpower. But every once in a while, as we comb through this small sea of more-than-essential add-ons, one trend comes along that instantly captures hearts and brings itself into the fold without so much as lifting a finger. This year, that force to be reckoned with is none other than the mini handbag.

And this fresh dose of unexpected interest is a mixed bag in all the best ways. Worth its weight in gold, the mini bag—ranging from the decidedly minuscule micro flap, to larger bucket versions more apt for a standard outing (storage—here’s looking at you!)—has quickly become requisite for the wardrobe of every fashion girl worth her salt. When it comes to the options of fabric, it’s a potpourri that’ll win many favors. Artisanal basket weave styles mingle with unflappable leather designs (and countless others) to offer enough range of style for any one aesthetic—hence, finding one style to suit your very own is a total breeze. So go ahead, renew your sense of sartorial self and pick up one of these 12 mini bags before the supply (inevitably!) runs dry.   

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