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Welcome to Our Sunday Best, a fashion destination working to set a new standard in motion: closely-edited curation, conversations that draw you in, and inspiration that dares you to linger longer, to dig deeper, and to go further with your individual style. Our Sunday Best was born out of a vision to upend the “safe”, the expected exploration of fashion, and to wade into the truly extraordinary. The complete fashion experience, Our Sunday Best is relentlessly seeking what’s next in fashion to ultimately move your style forward, wherever it may take you.

Our Sunday Best’s philosophy is simple. We believe in showcasing the depth and power of individual style in the context of community. Through connection and continuous discovery, we are building inspiration from the individual style of those around us – drawing upon tastemakers big or small who resolve to create, to educate, and above all, to inspire. Always discerning, Our Sunday Best is the ultimate download for those modern women-on-the-go who subscribe to a life in style, from one Sunday to the next.


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