8 Wide-Brim Hats You’ll Love For Years To Come

by Sarah Morrison

All those who believe in the power of a strong accessory very well know that a thoughtfully engineered wide-brimmed hat works wonders like no other. Whether you’re one to put stock in the oversized sun hat and its natural allure, or rather, subscribe to the more straight-talking fedora, the wide-brim look—with its statement-making flair and functionality—is one that just can’t be beat. Various takes on fabric and fit ensure its place as de rigueur for dressing year-round—wear a lightweight woven style in the summer for a practical statement, or sport a stiffer, wool-based number in the cooler months for a sense of classic refinement (the possibilities are endless). And when you find one that works, hold onto it, for this is one piece that prevails in the wardrobe shuffle, every time. Here, I’ve rounded up 8 chic wide-brimmed styles that you’ll no doubt enjoy for years to come.

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