The One Sunglasses Trend You Need To Try This Summer

by Sarah Morrison

There’s no denying that with May’s arrival now behind us, we can soon say goodbye to dreary seasonal showers (we won’t miss you!), and hello to the hotly anticipated return of brilliant days spent savoring the Vitamin D we so sorely missed. Many of us have waited all year to revel in the dazzling energy of mother nature at its finest, so naturally, we now find ourselves keeping our trusty specs within reach whenever possible. This season, the fashion world has left many a sartorial aficionados swimming in a sea of shades rendered in every stripe under the sun. Looking closer, however, we find that among the slew of sunnies lies one (very chic) chief among them: the coveted, yet timeless cat-eye. What was once a silhouette befitting of golden age beauties a la Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, is now one favored by the It-girls of the present moment (Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, we’re looking at you!), and all those who appreciate a nod to modish elegance. 

While often labeled as tricky to wear, today translations have (thankfully!) brought us a flattering range of silhouettes that flirt between that of the soft and understated and that of the boldly directional. Thanks to the expansiveness of today’s market, you can now be sure that for every facial structure and style sensibility, there exists a cat-eye to match. And, as luck would have it, the variety doesn’t stop there—for there is a cat-eye to be found at every price point, to boot. So, as there’s no better time like the present, go ahead and make room for one—or two—of these sensational sunnies in your crossbody now, and you’re sure to turn heads all season long.

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